”...but darlin’ we’re having fun!”

“Vampires? Hah! All those poor bloodsuckers got washed out in the storm… or they’re still sleepin’ in the mud. Naw, man. New Orleans is a krewe city, always has been, always will be. And ghosts, man, you got all kinds of ghosts! Voodoo ghosts, catholic ghosts, ghosts that just like to party, and a ton of ghosts that have got some serious fuckin’ beef with FEMA. Wanna know what really flooded New Orleans? Want to know what makes the streets crack and the jazz sway? Well then my man, join up with a krewe, and swing it all the way down to Treme.”

System: Geist: Sin Eaters

Format: Play-by-Post

Mood: Mysterious, Dangerous, Dark, and Laid-Back, like taking shelter from a thunderstorm in a good friend’s home and listening to the rain.

Theme: Rebirth. New Orleans is a city of new things steeped in ancient tradition. The old is constantly becoming new, and a dying city is returning to life.

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