Charon and Bourbon

The Intersection

Charon and Bourbon is not a real place. It is a sort of code-word used by Sin Eaters in New Orleans to identify one another. There is no real intersection of Charon and Bourbon street, and so asking someone who is not a Sin Eater about the intersection or where it is will most likely produce only confused looks.

The Message Board

During the storm, internet message boards were one of the few reliable methods of communication available to diaspora New Orleanians who wished to stay in touch with thier erstwhile neighbors, or just find information and resources about the disaster. One such message board, called Charon and Bourbon, sprang up for Sin Eaters at this time. All though the storm has passed, many Sin Eater’s still frequent the site, using it to arrange meetings, trades, or simply to pass along information to the group

In the Game

The sub-board title “Charon and Bourbon” should be used as an ‘in-character’ message board. Simply put, you should make posts to the board in character in order to communicate with other Sin Eaters in the city (ie the other players). Since sharing information with others and brainstorming ideas will often be vital to your success, it’s a good idea to keep updated on this sub-board, as well as to post to it regularly. Posts to this sub-board will also be taken into account when exp is given out.

Charon and Bourbon

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