Krewes of New Orleans

Krewes 101

Krewes in New Orleans are a big deal. Since the 1800’s, they have been an integral part of New Orleans culture, music, celebrations, and just generally hold a significant following. Most krewes are large bodies, containing a dozen or more Sin Eaters and scores more ‘mortal’ members. Ostensibly, they are social and pleasure clubs, but secretly, they have their own agendas, ideals, and destinies.

Krewe Hierarchies

Maybe its vampire influence, but for whatever reason, krewes in New Orleans tend to be a bit more organized than usual. Well… maybe organized is the wrong word. But there are certain titles and ranks within krewes. For game play sake, Krewe’s are organized by the ‘Status’ merit. Keep in mind that starting characters can only have a Krewe Status of (2) maximum. Also, not every sin eater with status in the Krewe need have an official title.

Sin Eater Krewe’s are kind of an amalgamation of social clubs, hunting outfits, and Mardis Gras Indian traditions. In short, they’re an eclectic bunch that tend to break most molds.

Chief – Krewe Status (5)

Chiefs are the designated ‘heads’ of krewes. They oversee, at least in a general sense, the operations of a krewe, and all members of a krewe are beholden on a certain level to their chief. Still, most chiefs are respected and followed not out of fear or brute strength, but more out of popularity, charisma, and the ability to throw the best parties.

Flag Boy – Krewe Status (3)

A Flag Boy is in charge of uniting the krewe, getting the word out about wakes and convocations, and just generally carrying the ‘flag’ of the krewe.

Wild Man – Krewe Status (2)

Wild Men are the enforcers of a krewe. they provide the physical muscle neccessary to keep ghosts in line and protect their krewe’s interest from unscrupulous rival krewes.

Spy Boy – Krewe Status (1)

A Spy Boy need not be a boy, but his responsibilities typically involve surveilliance, as the name implies. They’re charged with keeping tabs on the ghosts of New Orleans, watching out for trouble, and just generally making sure no one fucks up too big.

Also, Spy Boy’s act as a krewe’s scholars in some ways, searching for secrets, exploring the mythology of New Orleans, and generally just keeping their eyes out for the latest and greatest mysteries.


All New Orleans krewes share the same revelations and the same mythology, said to be passed down from the earliest chiefs and Indian shamans. Basically, it’s a florid mix of Vodoun, Catholicism, Creole Culture, and Indian Legend. Pieces of the mythology are scattered all throughout the city, and no one sin eater knows the whole story, though some devote their second life to figuring it all out. Legend says that if anyone figured out all the various revelations in New Orleans, they’d know about as much as God Himself does.

The Krewes

There are several ‘main’ krewes in New Orleans that are listed in this section. Most every sin eater belongs to one of the ‘greater’ krewes, but keep in mind that krewes, as a representation of sin-eater culture, are ever fluctuating. Some die, some change, and new ones rise to prominence every Mardis Gras.

In general, despite the occasional petty rivalry, all krewes respect and honor each other. All krewes have strong punishments for harming another Sin-Eater of any krewe, and it isn’t uncommon for sin-eaters of different krewes to work together for common goals.

Krewe du Vieux

Du Vieux is known for it’s satirical, ‘adult’ parades. It is made up of the iconoclasts and artists of the sin eater’s community, and throws the most lascivious, if not the most luxuriant wakes and second lines. Sex, lust, and decidedly French, Krewe du Vieux.

Bans: Never pass up an opportunity to enjoy yourself. Don’t take life (or death) too seriously. Never send someone away from your party sober.

Duty: The world’s a dark, dank place. Bring joy to it. Bring happiness to every man, woman, child, and ghost that you possibly can.

Benefits: The Krewe du Vieux is the krewe most filled with the ‘joi de vivre,’ and many of their geists have an easy time relating to their sin-eaters. All Caul rolls by a krewe member gain a +2 modifier.

Krewe of Muses

Muses is an all-women krewe, no men allowed. They focus on femininity, the allure of the female, and the mysteries of New Orleans. Many of it’s members devote themselves to ‘Memory,’ looking for answers about the mythology and past of New Orleans.

Bans: Leave no stone unturned. Never turn your back on a sister in need. If someone pursues knowledge, show them no prejudice, and help them as best you can.

Duty: The duty of the Muse is to remember. Remember what you know, what you’ve learned, and, whenever possible, seek new mysteries to add to our memory.

Benefits: The muses are attuned to both the future and the past, as well as keen observation. All Oracle rolls by a krewe member gain a +2 modifier.

Rex, the King of Carnival

Rex is the ‘royal’ krewe, and the oldest krewe currently in operation. It claims ancient mysteries, distinguished leadership, and powerful secrets. Rex has obscure initiation rights, and those who wish to join must be ‘sponsored’ by a current member. They are well-respected, powerful, and feared.

Ban: Never dishonor the krewe; behave honorably in all your dealings with spirits and men. Never cheat or steal; deal fairly with all. Never allow an insult to the city or the krewe to go unpunished.

Duty: We are the Kings of New Orleans. We are the benevolent rulers, the guardians of mortal as well as spirit. Serve your people, aid whom you can, and lead our city and krewe to eternal glory and greatness.

Benefits: The Kings at least ‘think’ their the lords of the city, and, to a certain extent, the very ground of New Orleans answers to this authority. Krewe members gain a +2 modifier to Boneyard Manifestations.

Krewe of Zulu

Zulu is restricted in it’s membership to only African Americans. A cultural and community land-mark, this Krewe focuses on protecting the interests of the working-class blacks that keep the city running.

Ban: Never give a brother up for any crime. Never deny the request of the chief. Never disrespect an elder or a woman. Never betray your community. Never put yourself ahead of the krewe.

Duty: To serve all in our community, living and dead. Zulus are the noble warriors, and must protect all from any force, living or dead, that would seek to harm the community and the city.

Benefits: The Zulu can call upon some sort of ancestral or metaphysical link to the Zulu warriors of old. All Rage manifestations by krewe members gain a +2 modifier.

Krewe d’Etat

Krewe d’Etat is the youngest and most politically active Krewe, actively dedicated to political satire, change, and radical, uncompromising ideals. This krewe is made up of radicals, politicos, and students.

Bans: Never compromise. Never surrender. Never accept the status quo.

Duty: Always seek positive change. Raise up and honor the low and humble the high. Protect and serve the common man.

Benefit: The d’Etat is perpetually pissed off, and angry by nature. They gain a +2 modifier to any Curse roll.

Krewes of New Orleans

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