Neighborhoods of the Crescent City

French Quarter

The French Quarter is, both literally and figuratively, the center of New Orleans. A major beacon of tourism, history, gambling, drinking, and sex, the French Quarter could be described as the “Las Vegas of the South,” but to be perfectly honest, Las Vegas pales in comparison. Just be careful, walk down the wrong alley in the quarter, and your liable to get ‘rolled,’ New Orleans slang for mugged.

American Quarter / Garden District

The Garden District is the ‘nicer’ part of town in that there are many luxurious mansions complimented by boutique shopping, beautiful gardens, and Tulane University. However, New Orleans is at it’s heart a checkerboard city, and few are brave enough to even walk the streets of the Garden District alone at night.


Treme, like the Lower 9th, is a poor district of the city. However, Treme is on higher ground and neighbors center city and the French Quarter, meaning that it got relatively minor to moderate flooding. It is well-known for having less of a ‘tourist-y’ feel than the quarter while still being amenable to outsiders. It also houses the city’s projects.

Lower 9th Ward

The Lower 9th is a flooded wasteland, populated by FEMA trailers, hazmat-suit wearing national guard, and whoever is unfortunate enough to be stuck there.

Neighborhoods of the Crescent City

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