Rules of Play

The Living City

“Ghosts of Treme” is played in a ‘living city’ style, insomuch as each character, while they may cross paths, interact, and work towards the same goals, for the most part play independently, working towards the same goals in different ways. The game is played in this way in order to speed up game time while still allowing for interaction, rich game-play, and significant story development.


For the most part, the game will be played in private waves, limited to the actual players involved in a specific scene. Players can share intel with one another in character on the “Charon and Bourbon” sub-board. Also, players can meet up and participate in the same actions as organized on the Charon sub-board. Time will flow in a relatively non-linear fashion, so that players can participate in both group and individual threads at the same time.

Posting Rules

First and foremost, no godmodding. You have control of your character and your geist, that’s about it. Other than that, feel free to be as expressive as you like, but always remember that brevity is the soul of wit.

In general, follow typical conventions. Quotation marks represent actual dialogue, (()) – double parentheses indicates out of character text, etc etc.

For actions requiring rolls, the GM will determine dice pools and make rolls for you in subsequent posts.

Rules of Play

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